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February 21, 2019
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The Western Maryland Dart Association is the largest organized steel-tip dart league in the Frederick, MD USA area. We have been running continuously for over 40 years. Our 400+ members participate in multiple divisions, on dozens of teams, sponsored by many of the Frederick area's bars and restaurants. Our primary goal is to provide a fun, challenging and rewarding darting experience for all our members. In WMDA, excellence and good sportsmanship are required. We stress individuality of each participant, and comaraderie among all WMDA members.

We have 3 seperate seasons. Fall, Spring, and Summer. These seasons play year-round so you can always get a team together no matter what time of the year it is.

Don't think you're good enough to play league darts? You don't have to be an expert! We have separate divisions for players of all skill levels, from beginners to experts. In the WMDA, everyone can play and anyone can win.

Think it might be too expensive? Steel tip darts is by far one of the most inexpensive leagues to play in. Pool, Bowling, even soft tip darts average anywhere from $15-25 a week to play, and that doesn't include other costs. Depending on how many players you have on a team at MOST our dues cost a player on average $2.50 a week per season. Yes---$2.50 a week!

Interested? Want more information? Contact us and we'll help you get on your way to playing league darts. After all, that is what the WMDA is all about—playing darts and having fun doing it.

Are you a bar owner or manager looking for more information on league darts? Click here to download our 'What's in it for me' brochure.

For more information, email us at wmda01@gmail.com or call Daniel Brown at 240-707-0327.

Teams now forming! Click here for more information.
No Darts Tonight 2/20/19 for snow - Feb 20, 2019 - Brett Rosenthal
See rules for rescheduling, we will push everything back one week, next Wednesday will still be week 3.
State Qualifiers and 501 Tournament - Feb 13, 2019 - Brett Rosenthal
WMDA Members -- There will be qualifier for the Maryland State Tournament at Redmans starting at 11AM THIS Saturday February 16th. The format will likely be Round Robin singles. There will be 4/5 Men's spots available and 2/3 Women's spots available. Qualifiers are FREE to league members and only league members may participate. WMDA will also be covering the entry fee to the tournament and some expenses for those who qualify. Following the qualifiers, the normally scheduled LOD open to the public will be at Redmans at 6PM. A cook will be available for the duration of the day.

There will be a 501 tournament on March 23rd at Orioles Nest as well. Doors will open at 11, we will have a doubles event, singles event, and a LOD likely following (plus a women's tournament if we can get enough shooters). This will be a large event and we encourage you to invite friends, shooters from other leagues, etc. We will have a flyer available by next week with a the details.

Have fun tonight shooters!
Spring Schedules Online! - Jan 31, 2019 - Brett Rosenthal
Thanks to everyone who came out to Oriole's Nest last night to see the new dart room, get your team packets and league boards, and play in the Luck of the Draw. With over 60 people there and 24!! teams in the luck (48 shooters), it was certainly one of our biggest turnouts for a Captains Meeting ever. Congratulations to Bill and Freddy on winning the LOD and they look home the lions' share of a nearly $300 pot for the luck.

The schedules for all divisions are now posted on the website, as are the divisions and teams. You may have to click 'Week 1' if you go to the Standings tab until the website switches over to Week 1 on Monday.

Thanks again to all those who attended and help support this league. We are looking forward to getting this season underway next Wednesday and remember, have fun!
Spring 2019 Captains Meeting + MORE - Jan 28, 2019 - Brett Rosenthal
The 2019 Spring Season Captains' Meeting is THIS Wednesday, January 30th, at 7PM at Orioles Nest (1037 West Patrick Street, behind Burlington). All are welcome, we will have a luck of the draw tournament following:

Handing Out the Boards & Packets
New League President Election
Vote on Roster Sizes Rule (will be on President ballot)

The teams and divisions have been finalized and the schedules will be handed out Wednesday. First week of darts is next Wednesday, February 6th!

There will be qualifier for the Maryland State Tournament at Redmans starting at 11AM on Saturday February 16th. The format will likely be Round Robin singles. There will be 4/5 Men's spots available and 2/3 Women's spots available. Qualifiers are FREE to league members and only league members may participate. WMDA will also be covering the entry fee to the tournament and some expenses for those who qualify. Following the qualifiers, the normally scheduled LOD open to the public will be at Redmans at 6PM. A cook will be available for the duration of the day.

There will be a 501 tournament on March 16th as well. This will be a large event and we encourage you to invite friends, shooters from other leagues, etc. We should have more details on this by the Captains Meeting on Wednesday, but save the date!

Thanks to all of you for your continued support of WMDA, lets get this season going!
Finals Night & Spring Season - Jan 17, 2019 - Brett Rosenthal
Last Night was WMDA Finals night!!! Big congrats to the Fall 2018 Playoff Champions -- they are as follows:

Division 1 -- Capital Crave CMFs -- Captain: Jeff Axline
Division 2 -- Redman's QK Shooters -- Captain: Phil Brown, Jr.
Division 3 -- American Legion Inglorious BS -- Captain: Danny Brown
Division 4 -- American Legion Take Flight -- Captain: Bryan Simmons

Also, congrats to Division 3 Buckeystown Wednesday Night Specials, Captained by Carman Alexander, for their Division 3 Regular Season Championship!

The playoff winners from Divisions 1, 2, and 4 above also won the regular season championships for their respective divisions.

The Spring 2019 season is now upon us! In the comments section of this post we will provide links to download the initial roster form -- one is a .doc that can be opened in Microsoft Word, filled out digitally, and then saved once you have edited it with your initial roster. The other link is a .pdf that can be easily printed, hand-filled, and scanned back in to be E-Mailed in. You may also mail them to the address posted in the comments that is on the bottom of the roster form.

ROSTERS ARE DUE NEXT WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23rd. There will be a board meeting at Champions on Thursday the 24th and are all welcome. The Captain's Meeting will be January 30th and the season will start the following week.

The league will be reaching out to Captains that have not submitted a roster by the start of next week to figure out how many returning teams we will have and how many new teams there will be. If you participated in Fall 2018 and do not have a team for Spring 2019 -- please send an e-mail to wmda01@gmail.com and we will link you up with some potential teams. If you want to shoot at all -- please send us an E-Mail!

We look forward to another fun filled darts season this Spring and we hope you will join us! Thanks!
LOD's at Redmen's Club - Jan 11, 2019 - Geoff Mueller
Redmen’s Club LOD
Saturday evening 6:00 PM sign up start 6:30 PM.
Jan 19th, Feb 16, and March 16.

$5 entry
$1 Bullshot
#1 Mystery out!

235 E 5th St, Frederick, MD 21701
- Dec 28, 2018 - Geoff Mueller
WMDA Xmas Party & Spring 2019 Notes - Dec 14, 2018 - Brett Rosenthal
The WMDA Christmas Party is tomorrow, December 15th, at Capital Crave! Doors will open at noon. There will be loads of door prizes, you're probably more likely to win something than nothing. The event is free for league members and their significant others, and there will be free food all day as as well as a drink ticket for those in attendance. It should be a fun, cheap, and lighthearted time so please consider coming at least for a bit!

The schedule for tomorrow will be as follows, there are many league details below this schedule so please read the entire thing:

Tomorrow, Sat. Dec. 15th @ Capital Crave ( 5901 Old National Pike)

Noon -- Doors Open -- Pizza, sides, etc. will be available for members at no charge when doors open.

12:30PM - 1PM -- Sign-Ups for Luck of the Draw #1 -- $5 Entry, Chicago Style (501, cricket, CC), we may have a loser's bracket with single leg eliminators depending on how many teams enter.

1PM - ~2:30PM -- Luck of the Draw #1

2:45PM - 3:30PM -- Full Buffet will be available, we will do Summer 2018 awards, league announcements, hand out pins, and try to get people to pick up old awards. We will have and hand out TONS of door prizes.

3:30PM - 3:45/4PM -- Sign-Ups for LOD #2 -- $5 Entry, Chicago Style, we may have a loser's bracket (subject to change depending on shooter feedback from LOD1)

4PM - 5:30/6PM -- LOD # 2


Upcoming League Schedule -- End of Fall 2018 / Start Spring 2019

January 16th (Weds)- Finals Night for all Fall 2018 Playoff Championships
January 23rd (Weds)- Spring 2019 ROSTERS DUE
January 24th (Thurs) -- Board Meeting @ Champions 7PM All Welcome
January 30th (Weds)- Captains' Meeting for Spring 2019 (location TBD)
February 6th (Weds) -- Spring 2019 Season Begins at 7PM!


Spring 2019 is Approaching Fast! Get Your Teams Organized Now!

The Fall season is approaching the end, thanks to all those who have participated in this season! If you plan on participating in the Spring 2019 season, we will have Roster Sheets available at the Christmas Party and the will be posted on the WMDA website under 'Forms and Files' later today. There is a change to rosters, for Spring 2019 and Spring and Fall seasons moving forward we will be limiting the number of team members to 7. Summer will remain at 8.

Please remember / take note that shooters listed on your initial roster are NOT officially on your team until they shoot a game at a league night. So if Jon Smith is on the initial roster and then he is unable to play at all that season for some reason, his spot is not 'reserved' and he can be replaced by any shooter that plays prior to Final Rosters being due (Week 6) or a replacement for Jon that hasn't shot by Week 6 can be added to the Final Roster and you can remove Jon Smith from your Final Roster. To put the above in a few words, the initial rosters are in no way binding and players on the initial roster can be replaced/removed through Week 6 if they have not shot a game yet. On the other hand, if Jon Smith is on your initial roster and has not shot through Week 6, however you have only had 5 people shoot through Week 6, Jon can/will remain on the final roster and can play following Week 6 so as long as you have not removed him or shot 7 players already in the season .


WMDA President Election

WMDA will be having an election for the President position at the Spring 2019 Captains Meeting on January 30th. We are to have yearly elections and this year is no different. The current President, Daniel Brown, has decided to step down from that position. Danny has done a terrific job unifying the board to work as a team and has spent countless hours working with new players in the league to expand our leagues' membership. Daniel will continue to shoot in the league and market the WMDA brand in the DMV. Thank you Danny! We currently have one member, long-time WMDA Board Secretary Jack Strott, who has accepted a nomination for the position. Please feel free to nominate anyone you feel could help grow and maintain the league. Formal nominations to be added to the ballet are due when rosters are due, January 23rd. Write-In nominations will also be accepted at the Captains Meeting.


Pick Up Your Trophies! Or Any Trophies of Teammates that Want Them!

We are tired of lugging around two boxes of awards to every event. We will lay out the leftover awards at the Christmas Party. Any awards from Summer 2017 or earlier that are not collected at the Christmas Party will be returned to the trophy company. If you see an award for a teammate or a buddy please take it with you and give it to them.


Final Notes / Misc.

Congrats to two of our top Division 4 shooters, Bryan and Shane, who took LOD #2 at the Cause tournament and showed the league that you don't have to be D1 to win some money at our events!

Oriole's Nest is looking for more teams and they have stated they would be willing to move the dart boards into the bingo room and get a full-time bartender in the bingo room for Wednesday nights if they get a few more teams. If you are interested please contact the league for more details.

We will be adding a note on the bar invoices that they agree and need to make the dart area available starting at 6PM on league nights to try and alleviate some issues with bar patrons controlling the dart area until just prior to the start of the match. We will also begin mailing and E-Mailing the bar invoices directly to the bars, so you will not need to check your packet for an invoice for the bar -- it should just have your team invoice.

Thanks to all the current teams who are doing a terrific job of getting your scoresheets in so that our ace Statistician, Kevin, can have them on the website as soon as possible. Keep up the good work!

If you get this E-Mail and are no longer on a team but want to play in the league PLEASE send an E-Mail to wmda01@gmail.com and we will help put you on a team or put a team together or suggest bars for you to shoot out of! Everyone getting this letter knows it isn't easy to get in the league once the season has started, so if you are interested in playing in Spring 2019 RIGHT NOW is the time to reach out to the league, your friends that might play with you, etc. We always need new teams and we would love to have you back if you aren't playing this session.

Don't forget to rotate your boards! It keeps them in top shape!

Thank you everyone who took the time to read this entire E-Mail. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow at Capital Crave if you can make it. I promise we will make it worth your while with door prizes -- Sandi and Paula continue to do an amazing job getting local Frederick businesses to support the league, so we can continue to offer wayyy too many great door prizes at our events to WMDA members at no cost to you or the league. Thanks so much Sandi and Paula!
Christmas party - Dec 2, 2018 - Daniel Brown
The Christmas party will be at Capital craves on Dec 15th. Doors will open Noon.. Bring guest. This year we will not be charging for +1. Thank you and hope to see you there
HALLOWEEN & THANKSGIVING NOTES - Oct 25, 2018 - Brett Rosenthal
There will be NO DARTS NEXT WEDNESDAY, as we know a large number of league players will be unable to make it because they will be trick-or-treating with their children. Please enjoy your Halloween and your week off.

Additionally THE SCHEDULE HAS AN ERROR. The schedule has the league playing on November 21 but off on November 28. Thanksgiving is November 22 -- we will be OFF November 22 and PLAYING November 28. We will send an E-Mail to the Captains and post this on the WMDA Facebook. We'll update the schedule on the website as well if possible.

Please update the rest of your team if you see this info, we don't want any confusion in the upcoming weeks.

Enjoy your Halloween next week!
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