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March 23, 2018
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The Western Maryland Dart Association is the largest organized steel-tip dart league in the Frederick, MD USA area. We have been running continuously for over 25 years. Our 400+ members participate in multiple divisions, on dozens of teams, sponsored by many of the Frederick area's bars and restaurants. Our primary goal is to provide a fun, challenging and rewarding darting experience for all our members. In WMDA, excellence and good sportsmanship are required. We stress individuality of each participant, and comaraderie among all WMDA members.

We have 3 seperate seasons. Fall, Spring, and Summer. These seasons play year-round so you can always get a team together no matter what time of the year it is.

Don't think you're good enough to play league darts? You don't have to be an expert! We have separate divisions for players of all skill levels, from beginners to experts. In the WMDA, everyone can play and anyone can win.

Think it might be too expensive? Steel tip darts is by far one of the most inexpensive leagues to play in. Pool, Bowling, even soft tip darts average anywhere from $15-25 a week to play, and that doesn't include other costs. Depending on how many players you have on a team at MOST our dues cost a player on average $2.50 a week per season. Yes---$2.50 a week!

Interested? Want more information? Contact us and we'll help you get on your way to playing league darts. After all, that is what the WMDA is all about—playing darts and having fun doing it.

Are you a bar owner or manager looking for more information on league darts? Click here to download our 'What's in it for me' brochure.

For more information, email us at wmda01@gmail.com or call Sam Bevard at 301-639-8272.

Teams now forming! Click here for more information.
ALL 3/21 MATCHES POSTPONED - Mar 21, 2018 - Sam Bevard
Due to the weather, obviously, all matches for March 21 have been postponed. We will reschedule all make up matches before the end of the season.

Be Safe!!
Round Robin Shoot - Feb 22, 2018 - Mike Soda
THIS Sunday - February 25th there will be a round Robin shoot for a chance to win trip to March 10 Shoot-out. (See attached Flyer).

Top 5 males and 3 females from this round robin will get to go (entry fee covered)!

Round Robin Qualifier is at the American Legion (Post 11)

Doors open at 11, round robin begins at 12.

This will take up most of the day into the evening.

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Tyler Schlote
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Clint R. Henderson Jr.
- 120 in - 110 out
Jay Remsberg
- 120 in - 101 out
Pat Guariglia
- 180, - 9 mk - 9 mk
Dustin Sparks
- 180 - 100 in
Andy McMaster
- 103 out
Fred Widmayer
- 105 in
Brad Miller
- 136 in
Sam Bevard
- 180
Chris Johnson
- 113 out
Jay Lochner
- 101 in
Mike Soda
- 101 out
Kevin Szarnicki
- 111 in
Tyler Schlote
- 100 in - 120 in
Mike Simonds
- 106 in
Lori Hawkins
- 7 mk
Steve Berney
- 140
David Eardley
- 7 mk
Tom Davy
- 7 mk
Adam Horman
- 7 mk
Neil Meiners
- 7 mk
Chris Ulsh
- 140- 140 - 115 in
Tom Waters
- 8 mk
Travis Waters
- 120 out
Clarence Copeland
- 8 mk
Steve Wengryniuk
- 9 mk - 7 mk - 9 mk - 120 in
Chas Hawkins
- 7 mk
Todd Eller
- 8 mk
James Darby
- 134- 121
Maxwell Clement
- 138
Scott Powers
- 135, - 8 mk
Monica Messner
- 120 in
Bobby Griffee
- 140
Ernie Payne
- 125
Dwayne Ritondo
- 125, - 7 mk
Emmanuel Putman
- 121- 124
Pete Wilhelm
- 129
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